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Nobody complains about their bathroom being too large. Most people consider one or more of the bathrooms in their home to be too small. Truly though, some bathrooms are really really small, and fortunately, there are small bathroom vanities available for when remodeling one of these ultra cramped small bathrooms.

Small bathroom vanity

Many homes have what are known as half baths. These rooms are normally furnished with only a toilet and sink. They are sometimes little larger than a closet. A small bathroom vanity is the only thing that will fit in this sized bathroom. They have all the advantages of their larger counterpart, minus the countertop space and storage space underneath.

Even in a full bathroom that includes a tub or shower, there are times when a small vanity is preferred because it makes the space feel more roomy and open. Clever use of shelving can accommodate storage of items best suited for the bathroom, and can present a decorating opportunity as well.

There are some obvious drawbacks to small bathroom vanities. Most only have enough width and depth to support the sink. They do not provide for much counter space where a person could store personal items such as toothbrush hair drier, shaving supplies, or anything else you might normally set there.

And storage space below the sink is also very limited. Small bathroom vanities normally only have enough usable space below to store a couple of extra rolls of tissue and maybe some bottles of cleaner, extra soap.

But again, there are some really smart ways of utilizing space to overcome these limitations. For example, shelving units can be recessed directly into a wall - the depth may only be a few inches, but at 6 feet high and one foot wide, you're actually looking a decent amount of space that can accommodate shampoo bottles, soap, or anything else that might fit on a medicine cabinet sized shelf.

In bathrooms with extremely limited space, a small bathroom vanity is the only thing that will fit. But with some clever and inventive thinking, the space limitations can be overcome without use of a bull dozer.

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