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Oh boy, what a mess! I was sure we (the wife and I) had agreed that the smallest of the Kohler bathroom sinks was the one we would go with. While at the plumbing supply store, the help showed us all three sizes, and consensus was that the smallest one was not too small for washing hands. After all, nothing much larger than a pair of hands would ever need to be washed in this sink.

We seemed to have had a failure to communicate on the sink size subject, because the contactor was quite sure that the medium size sink was specified over the phone. This is a problem of sink size, and not the cost of the sink - even if paying for a second sink was needed, they're not very expensive.

No, this was not a sink size issue, it was a vanity size issue. The contractor had made a mistake too - he measured for a 24" deep vanity - far more deep than standard, and the medium sized sink only compounded the problem.

Once the oversized vanity was installed, it's overbearing size became quite obvious and no matter how you looked at it, it was a disaster. Like an elephant standing in a closet - it just doesn't fit the space. The cabinet would have to be redone. The sink size also factored in because the granite countertop was cut to fit this sink too, so the granite was a complete loss too - it couldn't just be cut smaller.

Anyway, with the wife quite upset headed for some important outpatient surgery in the wee hours of the morning, things were a little scatterbrained and frustrated. I would call contractor while she's in surgery and ask "what in the world could be done?"

Finally, some good news - while in the waiting room, my phone rings (oops, sorry) and contractor informs me he screwed up - the cabinet is too big! Wow, I was shocked! He was willing to admit that he measured too big and that the cabinet was a mess and offered to fix the problem. He would have the cabinet guy come out to collect the vanity cabinet back to his shop for some major surgery to shorten in. He even ate the cost of having the granite redone.

What a relief! I didn't have to make the awkward phone call to ask 'how much will it cost...'. Like a perfect storm, our sink size mistake, and his measuring mistake made for a mess. Things happen - the difference is that he took care of the problem. I even felt bad because the sink was our fault, but he was quite willing to absorb the cost without an invoice revision in order to make us happy.

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Large bathroom vanity cabinets are terrific when you have the space for them. Here's what happens then you don't. It's not like this vanity is really all that large, it's just really huge for this bathroom, as you'll see.

Picture 1: Large bathroom vanity cabinet
Picture 2: Over-sized vanity words better
Picture 3: Modified, smaller vanity cabinet
Picture 4: Small bathroom cabinet
Picture 5: Bathroom vanity with granite
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