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Solid slab granite use in bathroom remodeling

No other material brings luxury to the bathroom remodel like granite

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Nothing says luxury bathroom like granite topped cabinets. Say - how often do your see granite in anyones bathroom. Sure, granite in the kitchen is common enough amongst friends and family, but how many of them have a granite topped bathroom? More common, are the tile or resin based counter top products.

Ok, you're convinced, that was easy. Now - before you head out to select your granite, you should talk to your contractor about using slab vs prefab granite. Prefab is when they take the most popular granites and form them into a counter top of standard size. They only need to be cut to length, and then holes cut for the sink and plumbing.

Prefab countertops usually cost a little less than slab, and there's a little less work involved in getting it installed. But on the downside, you're not likely to find your favorite granite pattern prefabbed. And since prefab is available from popular patterns, they are less unique amongst friends and neighbors.

Bathroom remodeling is not inexpensive so choose the granite that suites your remodeling decor - don't go with a less expensive prefab if it's not the perfect pattern. This is a one time cost, and you will be living with your choice of granite for years - make it count. And if the right pattern is available in prefab, then lucky you.

Today's pictures include the granite installed on the cabinet. This countertop was done from slab, not prefab. The edge is done with a mitered cut so the seam runs right along the corner edge. This gives it a very substantial look - as if the granite slab is 2 inches thick. The corner is rounded enough so's not to encourage chipping.

This same edge was used in the kitchen, and that was done several years ago. There are no chips what so ever after several years of normal use, so chipping is not a concern with this type of granite edge finish.

Something else to think about too - think about accents. Leftover granite pieces can be used for accent pieces in a few locations. For example, later on, we'll see pictures of with window sill done with granite, using the same edge finish. Soap dishes are a problem too - guess what - you can use granite for that too.

A bathroom remodel can be luxurious without granite slab counter top, it just takes a lot more work.

Picture 1: Granite vanity counter top
Picture 2: Granite vanity counter top - closeup
Picture 3: Granite vanity counter top - closer up
Picture 3: Granite slab leftovers
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