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With so many bathroom vanity unit configurations to choose from, you really want to cover the bases, and look at the different options and configurations to see if there's an appealing set of features that you might not have thought about yet.

Bathroom vanity unit

Many bathroom vanity units come with the sink or sinks formed right into the counter top of the unit. They are made of a formed or molded material - a single inexpensive piece. These types of vanity tops are great bathroom remodeling on a tight budget.

The bathroom vanity is the central focus of the room, so if your budget allows, it's worth considering going with something more attractive. Genuine solid hard woods is a good choice, with several different woods available to choose from including Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Ash, etc. Each wood species have different shades available to accommodate the color scheme of the room.

For those that prefer an old world charm, the vanity unit could be constructed of a lighter colored wood and the top done in a light enamel. The sink fixtures can be brass and enamel to bring out the highlights. The trim for the rest of the room can be darker to provide contrast.

With larger bathrooms you can install a vanity unit with lighted mirror and sitting space for more beauty conscious members of the family. In this particular style of unit, it can be handy to have three mirrors set at right angles to each other so all angles can be covered. But even if only one mirror is used, additional lighting around the mirror will illuminate the area sufficiently for anyone to beautify themselves.

A bathroom vanity unit serves many essential purposes. Sink and faucet mounting are the obvious purposes. And storage for bathroom items such as towels, soaps, and cleaning supplies are another. But in almost all cases, the vanity unit will become the focal point of the bathroom and attract the eyes of all who enter the room. For this reason, it's a good idea to spend as much as you can afford.

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