Bathroom vanity mirrors

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Every bathroom needs a vanity mirror. Selecting the perfect one for you means deciding through a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes that allow the home owner to enhance the bathroom decor with the choice he/she makes. There are several things to consider when trying to select the perfect bathroom vanity mirror.

Bathroom vanity mirrors

One of the most common types of bathroom mirror is simply a flat plate of mirrored glass attached to the wall. This type of mirror is very utilitarian and can be used to make a statement about the individual if he/she is into minimalism, but otherwise does not add much to the appearance of the room.

Mirrors can also come in different shapes and sizes. Rectangles and Squares are not uncommon. Ovals and circles are also quite popular. These mirrors can come with or without frames and, if framed, have wood or metal frames. The frames are often decorated elaborately so that they add to the overall decor of the bathroom.

One of the most common types of bathroom vanity mirror is the type with a medicine cabinet behind the glass that is mounted to the wall. In some cases, the medicine cabinet is built into the wall so the mirror appears to be mounted directly to the wall, but in others, this is a fully three dimensional cabinet. The mirror may swing out to reveal the medicine cabinet or slide to the side. The primary advantage of this type of vanity mirror is the additional storage area behind the glass.

Some bathrooms have a vanity mirror arrangement that includes up to three mirrors and may or may not have them lighted. This style is quite popular for family members to sit and apply makeup. The lighting helps the user control where and how much cosmetics go on.

A final type of bathroom vanity mirror that must be mentioned is the full length mirror. This is often mounted on the inside of the bathroom door, though there are free standing framed models available. This type of mirror is for the purpose of assessing one's appearance when preparing to leave home.

Bathroom vanity mirrors come in many styles and sizes. The main deciding factor in choosing the right bathroom vanity mirror for you is how you normally use a mirror and how you want it to add to the decoration of your bathroom.

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