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If the bathroom vanity cabinet isn't one of the first things you think about in your next remodeling project maybe it should be. As the center piece of any bathroom, it is imperative to think about the styling and features of the bathroom vanity cabinet you will have installed.

Bathroom vanity cabinet

There are so many different designs that you can choose from. The different types and styles can represent your own personal style or match a particular theme that your bathroom currently has. Chances are if you're remodeling a bathroom you already have style in mind.

Inadvertently, some people never choose a style for their bathroom. For instance it might be decorated with common themes like flowers, fish, or the ocean just to name a few. The vanity in this type of bathroom is usually not very fancy - quite utilitarian and functional - probably painted or done with wood patterned surface.

Remodeling this type of bathroom requires little special attention to vanity cabinet style selection other than it visually appeals, is the right size, and has the needed features such as the drawer and cabinet space, or the desired number of sinks.

Under most circumstances, the size of the vanity cabinet you choose will need to be the same size as the one being replaced. That is unless your remodeling project alters the space available or the previous unit was oversized / undersized for the room.

You can opt to go with a simple designed vanity like mentioned above, or you can go with a more stylized vanity that is themed like Modern, Contemporary, Antique to name just a popular few. In the simplest terms, a vanity is just cabinet with sink and a mirror. You can keep it simple or you can jazz it up with elegance and style.

On the higher end of the scale, custom made bathroom vanity cabinets can be made to match any combination of design, style, features, and requirements. Though the cost is higher than the cheap-o particle board junk, you might be surprised just close the cost matches with premium pre-made cabinets - and at a higher quality too.

But the low cost vanities will do just fine for a bathroom refresh remodeling job. They might not last as long as the premium units, nor will they be as elegant or stylish, but a replacement will look good and bring new life to your newly remodeled bathroom.

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