Selecting a bathroom vanity

Avoid making a costly mistake

when choosing your new bathroom vanity cabinet

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Bathroom vanities come in many standard sizes. Once you figure out what size cabinet will fit in the bathroom space available it's time to go shopping.

The selection process may seem endless - even after you narrow down the choices to what size vanity you need. The next step is to narrow down the options and features that are important to you. Some models come with two sinks. Some are made from special materials. They have many colors to choose from and some come with lighting. All these options can help narrow down your selection.

Price may also be a major factor in your selection process. The vanity cabinets themselves have a price range from under $500 to well over $3000. If price is one of the top deciding factors, don't forget to also factor in the cost of installation unless you plan to do it yourself, including the plumbing.

If you are replacing an existing bathroom vanity with the same sized unit for remodeling purposes, then you already know what size cabinet you will need. Simply measure your old vanity cabinet and get one the same size. That kind of change is a simple swap - out, and can be done by most do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

With some elementary plumbing skills and tools anyone handy with tools can do the job and save money. But know your limits, and know when you're in over your head. It can cost a lot more money to for a professional to come in and fix a project gone bad than to have him do the job right the in the first place.

As you can see, bathroom vanity cabinet replacement is not outside the possibility of the homeowner. Be sure to have an assistant to help move the old bathroom furniture out, and position the new furniture in place.

Wether you replace your bathroom vanity cabinet yourself or bring in a pro, always remember to practice safety with any home improvement project. Avoid injury, do it right the first time and you wont have to revisit the job again in a few months.

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