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The faucet chosen for this bathroom remodel project is the same model shown in the catalog picture: Bathroom faucet The handles in the faucet pictures below are different because Grohe designs their faucets to be modular in design, meaning their handles are interchangeable. This allows for superior flexibility in style selection. It is visually subdued - nothing too over the top, and in keeping with the brushed steel look that has worked so well thus far.

In keeping with finishes in this way, you automatically narrow down your choice of selections when you visit your plumbing fixture supply dealer. That may be a good thing if they have lot to choose from.

On the other hand, if you're extra choosy about your plumbing fixtures, any limitations can only play against you. There are certain styles you will want to eliminate right from the git go - for example the barn style featuring a western look - not that I can define the western look, but I know it when I see it.

The nifty thing about this faucet is something that we had no idea about until it was installed and all plumbed in. Most faucets introduce air into the water stream. Why is unclear, but they do. This Grohe faucet introduces no air at all.

It turns out that this is a feature touted as extra quiet. The water stream with no air in it is "quiet. It's no exactly noticeably quieter than other faucets in the house, but it does have an appeal beyond the sound it doesn't make.

The airless water stream makes the water look like a solid bar if water. An icicle you might say. It looks pretty cool in fact, and you'll be able to see this in the pictures below - a comparison of a normal aerated water stream faucet compared to our airless solid bar of water stream faucet.

Bathroom sink faucets like this aren't cheap by any stretch. But they are so much nicer to live with than the el cheapo Home Dumpo jobbie for $150 - that's $125 more than it's worth. True $500+ may be outside of budget constrains, especially if your remodeling project is just a dress-up for sale.

If you plan on staying in your home sweat home for any time though, do yourself a favor and go the extra mile on high quality plumbing fixtures. They look great when you find the right one for your style, and the work even better.

An example of not-so-cheap bathroom facuets.

Picture 1: Bathroom sink faucet
Picture 2: Bathroom sink faucet, take 2
Picture 3: Airless bathroom sink faucet
Picture 4: Airless bathroom sink faucet take 2
Picture 5: Catalog pictures but with different handles.
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