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Antique bathroom vanities are a popular style when remodeling a bathroom. Vintage styling goes well with this style of bathroom furniture, and is easily continued throughout the rest of the home. A little creative resourcing can lead to some great deals and even better finds.

Antique vanity

This antique style of furniture is generally very curvaceous and includes plenty of detailing work. The same is true for antique bathroom vanities too. You can buy new vanities in the antique style, or you can sometimes find companies in your area that salvage and restore real antique pieces, including bathroom vanities. Some companies will even re-silver an antique mirror to bring back a lustrous reflection.

If you have a particular design in mind you can approach a local cabinet maker with whatever sample pictures you may have available. They can produce something to your exact specifications, and you might be surprised just how affordable it is.

It is also possible to find antique vanities in your grandparents homes or you could find them at auction homes and even in thrift and second-hand stores. With luck you can find a treasure hidden somewhere just waiting for you to find it and convert it into a perfect antique vanity.

With antique vanities it is possible to spice up a bathroom and make it look more attractive as well. For some bright antique vanity ideas why not consider looking for something that is rustic and charming and which makes the bathroom cozier. In fact, antique vanities can make things more aesthetic and also very unique and sophisticated.

Real antique vanities would have been crafted by hand by true professionals that knew how to create something that is very charming and which has an old-fashioned appeal. These items can make a dull bathroom come to life and they will certainly also revitalize this very important part of a home.

Bathroom accessories should be of rich wood and even the flooring should be made of wood to compliment the antique style. This will add to the aesthetic of the bathroom. Properly designed, the bathroom with matching antique vanity and flooring and accessories will create a truly lasting and stunning impression.

Final point - if you have trouble finding a design that you like, you might consider purchasing vintage vanities over the Internet. You will find a lot of variety and some truly intricate works that will suit people with different tastes and different budgets.

The right vintage vanity will prove to be very effective and efficient. It could be made from tough hardwood or only antique styled made from particle board. Or it could be a real antique made many years ago and used for decades in a previous home - if vanities could talk...

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