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The bathroom cabinet is one of the most difficult pieces to find that will satisfy all needs. The wife had in mind something that we were unable to find in the local show rooms, and even if we could find what we were looking for what are the odds it would be available in the size we needed, and the finish that would work with the decor.

In addition to that, the common construction available today when it comes to cabinetry is unacceptable for any purpose what so ever. Kitchen or bathroom, particle board construction is unacceptable quality. It does not withstand the harsh riggers of of bathroom humidity and steam.

Your oak, walnut, or cherry cabinet is usually made of pure particle board with a thin layer, or what's known as a vernier of the hardwood in question glued to the particle board. Junk, pure junk. It costs a little less than solid wood cabinets, but it doesn't last. Bathroom remodeling is expensive, and furniture like a vanity cabinet must be of top quality in order to last the lifetime of the remodel.

There was very little we could do to obtain an acceptable bathroom cabinet vanity other than go the custom route. Since most particle board cabinet junk is made in China and assembled by a showroom junkie the cost of a custom cabinet maker seemed like a prohibitive expense.

The fact is, these low quality cabinets are vastly over priced, and that custom cabinets do not need to cost more than 1000 dollars - in fact, today's pictures show a bathroom cabinet vanity that cost closer to 600 dollars - custom made to our specifications, using the materials, finish, drawer or door knobs, and design of our choosing.

As it turns out, because of local codes that dictate minimum space separating wall corner from the toilet, and the toilet to the cabinet, the width of this cabinet needed to be very tightly controlled - a stock cabinet would never have fit even if there were quality and design available.

A custom made cabinet is the only way to go - you get the exact size, finish, and design you prefer - you don't have to settle for a single thing. The best thing about a custom bathroom cabinet vanity is that you can specify such ultra cool feature like those self closing drawer slides. And if you're tall like me, you get to specify a cabinet that's slightly taller than normal - no more breaking your back bending over to wash your hands.

Also, this allows you tie everything together decor wise like we did - your mirror medicine cabinet, or the floor pattern. Drawer sizes are exactly what you require for your storage needs, and you can accommodate any commercially available sink you size prefer. Forget about mass produced cabinets, especially the discount stores. You get what you pay for - and if you're only remodeling to sell the property, then may the property you buy have the same quality products you remodel with.

On to some pictures - This bathroom cabinet vanity is made of cherry wood with a natural stain. It's a ver light color as opposed to some very dark shades of cherry you might be more familiar with.

Picture 1: Bathroom cabinet vanity
Picture 2: Bathroom cabinet with drawers and knobs
Picture 3: Bathroom cabinet with granite
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