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Vinyl flooring in the master bathroom - fairly standard stuff. Boring and simple, it doesn't do much for a master bathroom. kitchen vinyl flooring shows that vinyl flooring doesn't need to be boring or cheep looking. In fact, with some of the photographic processes used in vinyl flooring production today can give a darn good, convincing, and sophisticated look as you can see in kitchen vinyl flooring.

Indeed, vinyl flooring can have a contemporary design with quality, but this remodeling project will be bringing modern ceramic tile from the shower stall, over the step, and onto the floor of the bathroom proper. Everyone has their preference, and I hope that cleaning this tile will not be too difficult compared to vinyl flooring, which is quite an easy floor to clean.

Out with the rustic old vinyl floor and in with a light colored ceramic tile. The floor plan makes for a fairly small master bathroom - by no means the smallest I've seen, but small. The small floor plan will make it interesting to see how the tile installer deals with fitting large 13 inch tiles, without the cut-to-size tiles looking somewhat miss-fit in size compared to the full sized tiles.

The lighting on the other hand, looks like it belongs in a barn themed bathroom. First there's the wood body of the thing that looks like it's made of barrel slats or something. The brass (colored) stems for the three sockets. Then came the horrible glass shades with flower flair shape, and daisies, or goofy pattern etched in the side.

You can see one of the shades was only recently broken while I was wrestling with the medicine cabinet to see what the venting looked like behind, in preparation for a recessed unit. No loss really, and the wife didn't even complain...

The lighting fixture is going, going, gone! almost. The daisy / barn look will be replaced with a very modern, sophisticated looking central lighting fixture we found in a rather eclectic lighting shop in Los Altos. This lighting fixture will complete the main lighting over the bathroom vanity cabinet.

Here's just a few of the before pictures in the remodeling process. The first one gives the floorplan layout so you know what you're looking at. Time to party in my bathroom!

Picture 1: Bathroom floor plan layout
Picture 2: Old vinyl bathroom floor
Picture 3: Bathroom floor close-up
Picture 4: Floor, bathroom, facing out
Picture 5: Bathroom floor wide view
Picture 6: Tiles of the future
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