There's gold in them thar walls?


You never know what you'll find when you open up a wall

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There's treasure in them there walls. Well maybe not treasure, but if your home is old enough to have a few owners, chances are good that there's few things you never expect to find once you start any kind of room demolition.

We needed to see what was behind the wall mounted medicine cabinet mirror to see if we could fit a recessed style. We removed the old medicine cabinet and cut a hole in the drywall big enough to see what's inside - looking for any vent pipes or wires in the way that would prevent the use of a recessed medicine cabinet.

Low and behold, there were some surprising items inside the wall. It's unclear exactly what the vintage of these items is, but they obviously aren't too recent.

The paper products seen in picture are for the recessed TP roller. Age is unknown, but there are some tell tale signs. The white box held a bracket that the TP roller mounts to. Its printing font and spacing looks like it might be from the 1960s with simple font, double space - oh, and English only.

Even the most simple of boxed products these days has much more print, finer font, bar codes, and credits / disclaimers all over the place. This box doesn't even have a "Made in ..." statement which I think defaults to USA. There is no other printing on the flip side of this this box as shown. The patent number is listed as pending - 2,859,930

Then there's the paper bag that some amount of fixture hardware for the recessed toilet paper roller. As we can see, it contained an item from Del Mar Manufacturing. Plain stated in English only, is the phrase "Made in USA". That's nice to see anymore. Imagine finding a toilet paper roll holder manufactured in the USA these days.

Not only that, but the good folks at Del Mar Manufacturing, which is located in Gardena California, even go to the effort of explaining that Gardena is in Los Angeles. Imagine that. Only a small part number and description describes the contents of this package - Part #6510, Chrome Towel Car Posts

Finally there's the safety razor blade. A Gillette with patents 3071856 & 2544410. This item too, proudly boasts "Made in USA". I wonder where Gillette makes their razor blades these days.

Finding safety razor blades inside a wall is not exactly an odd find. Apparently, in the old days, there was no safe means of disposing of safety razor blades. You could toss them into the regular trash, but imagine how easily someone could be cut just by taking out the trash.

Some older homes would have a small slot in a wall in the bathroom. The idea was that this was a safe place to dispose of these used blades. Not a bad idea, really. A wall can hold thousands of these things outside the reach of any hands. Any construction done would find them, and it was someone else's problem by then, but it's much easier to package a bunch of these things safely.

Some pictures of the curious things found inside a wall during bathroom remodeling

Picture 1: Stuff found in walls
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