Old master bathroom vanity, countertop, sink, and faucet

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Time to say goodbye to this functional but unelegant vanity and fixtures

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Our before pictures of the vanity might surprise you. This bathroom had undergone smaller or more minimal remodeling projects in the past, so we're not exactly dealing with original early 60s bathroom furniture cabinets here. In fact, some might even call it a modern contemporary vanity cabinet.

Bathroom furniture these days is so cheep - cheaply made that is, particle board that wont last more than a few years, while costing like it was a fine piece of furniture built by a real craftsman. This vanity cabinet is no exception, but it has served us well despite this.

Pretty basic stuff - this discount vanity is about as boring as it gets. We certainly wont be replacing it with yet more home dumpo discount vanity junk. Even if you could find quality stores like that, your design options are limited. The plan calls for a custom made vanity cabinet designed to exacting standards for the perfect match.

To be quite honest, a custom made vanity cabinet is not as expensive as thought. Furniture only - no counter top, sink or faucet, our custom made cherry vanity cabinet furniture comes with a marked up price tag of only about $600. Surprise, and this from a local cabinet maker in northern California.

There's plenty of other advantages found with a custom made vanity. For example, half way through the process, we decided to shave 2 inches off the width of the vanity so that the medicine cabinet could be centered with the light fixture and vanity. Some local ordinances complicated this challenge, so 2 inches needed to come off the vanity width.

With a standard vanity cabinet form any local retailer, you're stuck with whatever size, design and color the offer. In our case, vanity, mirror and light would not be centered - forget about it.

Now the sink - the old sink was part of a one-piece countertop sink combo unit made of some kind of resin I do believe. It worked just fine and everything, but it's just all so bland, plain, and normal. Nothing cool, elegant, or even adult about it

Likewise, the bathroom sink faucet is so plain-old plain-old. Ugh! enough of the home dumpo bachelor pad cheapo minimal junk. Time to convert this master bathroom into an adults master bathroom. For 40+ years, this master bathroom has consisted of bare minimum in fixtures and functionality needed to get qualify as a "master bathroom" - but no more.

Here's some before pictures illustrating what we, and perhaps you live with in your master bathroom - say bye bye.

Picture 1: Vanity cabinet 1
Picture 2: Vanity cabinet 2
Picture 3: Vanity sink / faucet
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