Old shower stall bathtub and shower door combination

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Although functional, certainly not exactly a luxurious adult master bathroom

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Repair, refinish or remodel? Well, given the moldy smell coming from the bathroom, refinishing is out of the question. The dry-rot causing the constant moldy smell will need repair, and then we can remodel - in other words, this bathroom remodeling job is major project - you, if still reading, might be facing the same thing.

The original shower stall with bath tub combination is at the heart of this bathroom remodeling project. Old and quaint, almost like your grandmas bathroom - this place needs some work. A great example of a "before the remodel" bathroom.

This tub shower combination will become a walkin style shower stall with bench seat. True we might miss soaking in the bath tub now and then, but there's still the front bathroom that has a bath tub, and a working door lock.

The cheap sliding shower door shower enclosure is another feature that will not be missed. Readily available at any home dumpo, this kind of hardware is far better than shower curtains, but not very attractive or grown up. This sliding shower door will be replaced with heavy glass hinged shower door - the frame-less clear type that will show off the tile work and fancy shower faucet plumbing bits to be installed.

Actually, the shower door was installed after we bought the house. Prior to that, a shower curtain was used, and contractors just love those things. Why? because shower curtains guarantee them a constant flow of work from the water damage caused by even small amounts of water constantly puddling on the floor outside the shower. Shower doors are always preferred over shower curtains.

The old bathroom isn't a total disaster, it's - easy cleaning, since nothing shines any more. And since it still looks dirty even when clean, there's not much point in scrubbing any more than necessary.

Some rather humbling shower stall pictures before remodeling begins. Nothing wrong with this shower stall other than the mold smell, it's functional, but not luxurious.

Picture 1: Bathroom shower door
Picture 2: Shower door 1
Picture 3: Shower inside
Picture 4: Shower bathtub faucet
Picture 5: Shower doors closed
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