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Why installing a new bathroom pocket door should happen before bathroom remodeling

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The door from to the bathroom being remodeled is in the master bedroom. It features a pocket door to maximize space.

We wanted to modernize the existing bathroom pocket which had 40 year old rollers and hardware. Good planning meant that this new install should be done before the bathroom remodel is complete, since drywall would have to be cut put to gain access to the pocket door frame, sliding roller assembly, and other hardware.

This was something to think about because you wouldn't want to remodel a beautiful bathroom, only to tear out drywall to replace the pocket door. True you could replace the just the door, including lock and pull, but we wanted that sweet, gliding smooth roller feel that you get with modern quality pocket door hardware.

bathroom pocket door

Our bathroom remodeler did not offer this kind of door replacement, and recommended we find a door company to handle this. The plan was to have a door company come in anytime before the bathroom remodeling project began, tear out the needed amount drywall, replace the pocket door, frame, sliding rollers, and hardware, and then leave the missing drywall missing - the bathroom remodeler would be doing a lot of drywall work and floating a new texture anyway.

Since replacing all the doors in the home was one of the big projects on out long term to-do list, this pocket door bump got us started on that project too. We visited three showrooms to feel out the different companies, how they do things, and see who gives the warm fuzzy confidence.

Anyway... We visited three showrooms, and scheduled three in-home visits for measurements leading to bids. Nothing was said at this point about doing the master bathroom pocket door alone. That was something to think real hard about. We want to have the pocket bathroom door done now, and then the rest of the doors at a later date.

The question was, should we solicit bids for new doors throughout the house, and then ask about a one-off job for the bathroom pocket door, or bring the subject up during the initial measurement meeting? It's too easy to confuse people, and this was no different.

After reiterating our needs to clear the initial confusion we found one door contractor readily accommodating, and selected them for the job.

The new bathroom pocket door rollers slide effortlessly, and the brushed nickle pull and lock hardware will look terrific once this big bathroom remodeling project is complete. The drywall has been patched too and when the wall is re-textured, the wall will look good as new.

One thing though, we arranged with the door company to combe back once the floor is in place, since cement board and tile are going down, the floor height will be about an inch higher - the height of the door will need adjusting. There may even need to be some material removed from the bottom - for this reason, I wont be adjusting the door myself.

The pocket door replacment pictures for your reference if you should ever need it done and wonder how much drywall damage there will be

Picture 1: Bathroom pocket door
Picture 2: Damaged bathroom pocket door
Picture 3: Marked up bathroom pocket door
Picture 4: Patch drywall - bathroom pocket door roller rails
Picture 5: Installed bathroom pocket door
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