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Ugh! the old drab bathroom blues. You buy a new home and the previous owner had a certain flare that didn't suite your taste, or perhaps like you, the previous owner tolerated the bathroom decoration from the people they bought the house from. Cheap crummy materials, ugly textiles, delamination Formica, scratched up resin counter tops, drab tile patterns, there's no accounting for someone else's decorating prowess.

Perhaps you've lived with that old bathroom for years and years - never liking it, but quietly tolerating it. This is precisely the type of bathroom at focus of this site. It's probably been completely bland for year after year, and owner after owner. No matter how long ago the house was built, the master bathroom was never remodeled into anything special. Nothing beyond the plain old functional, livable bathroom.

This bathroom remodeling project is focused going for an adult bathroom of luxurious feature and design. No more bathtub shower combination - this bathroom is going to transform with a proper shower stall, adjustable body sprays, a hand held shower head, along with permanent shower head, and bench seating. Custom solid hardwood cherry vanity cabinet, recessed medicine cabinet and matching tile from shower stall and onto the floor. Always the simple, drab, mom-n-pop master bathroom no more.

Recessed shampoo bottle cubby holes will leave clean, unobtrusive walls with plenty of storage. A bench seat will make it easy to wash those dirty nether parts - like feet with ease. And body sprayers make for a good soaking water massage anytime the good folks in LA lets us keep some of our excess water.

To top it off, one of those 3/8 inch thick glass slab shower doors will keep the water in the drain and the dry on the outside! Looking good with a frameless design, and custom cherry wood cabinet with granite top, and this bathroom will be fit for a magazine photo spread.

Homes for sale with an Open House sign outside are always a good invitation to invite yourself someones home to collect their bathroom remodeling ideas, their do's and dont's. You never know what someone will see in an odd paring that comes together to make a cool looking room.

On the other hand, there are also those homes with neglected bathrooms, de-laminated Formica, and rotted floorboards. This, unfortunately is often the norm with open houses. The situation varies by neighborhood, most of the time, a coat of paint is slapped up and called "beautifully remodeled" - not this bathroom, and you can have the same thing - a luxurious adult bathroom no matter how small.

Here's just a few of the before pictures in the remodeling process. The first one gives the floorplan layout so you know what you're looking at. Time to party in my bathroom!

Picture 1: Venting and recessed medicine cabinets
Picture 2: Old bathroom lighting
Picture 3: Original bathtub faucet
Picture 4: Vanity plumbing fixtures
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