One of the most dramatic transformations in the bathroom remodeling project is the medicine cabinet. During this remodel, we took the present light fixture - a farm house themed HomeDumpo light with goofy flower shaped glass shades, and tossed it out with the rest of the garbage - or recycling if your so inclined.

Replacing it is a hip, sheep recessed medicine cabinet. The kind you would see on remodeling shows, magazines, or a bad 80s Beverly Hills drama show.

True this new recessed medicine cabinet has much less storage space than the before-barn style version, but this is due to normal restraints imposed on everyone switching to a recessed medicine cabinet - as outlined in the medicine cabinet chapter.

However, its smaller size actually results in an inverse 'junk-expansion' law of physics. To clarify - "the amount of junk you poses expands to fill the available space". Now, I know there are plenty of derivations, and corrections to be made so far as credits, but who cares about that! - The point here is, that moving to a smaller medicine cabinet is not as painful as you might think - you just have less junk, that's all.

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Before picture
medicine cabinet before picture
After picture
flush medicine cabinet after