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Major bathroom renovation, or just a minor makeover,

before and after pictures remodeling a crummy master bathroom with luxury on a budget.

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This is where it really gets fun - we get to compare side by side, the before pictures with the results pictures - after the bathroom remodeling project is complete. This is the real thing - no absurd magazine spreads with ridiculous sized bathrooms of the rich and famous - bathrooms bigger than your entire house!

The truth is, even the smallest of bathroom spaces can be remodeled with luxury - a space to be enjoyed with pride on a daily basis. The bathroom remodeling before and after pictures presented here are an outline of this site - a "quick start guide", if you will, bypassing the extensive level of detailed information presented here at kitchen and bathroom remodeling pictures.

If you find this page relevant, please press Ctrl-D to bookmark it. Come back later when you have more time and look at the very real process of a major bathroom remodeling project - detailed pictures, timelines, problem areas, and complete "shoulda coulda woulda" list of preemptive strikes that you can benefit from.

Bathroom vanity cabinet pictures - The old cabinets were factory garbage. Although they did serve us well from a functional stand point, they were cheap Chinese cabinets at best. Since we're not collage kids anymore, we want a little more than "functional but broken" we want luxury - ie adult. These bathroom cabinet before and after pictures show the difference between a real hardwood bathroom cabinet and the junk you get from China.
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Shower door pictures - Before and after pictures of the bathroom shower door are like apples and oranges. The before pictures ground the idea of the cheap-o plastic rental-home like crappy bathroom shower stall that HomeDumpo presents as classy mobile-home luxury. Meanwhile, the after pictures hope to inspire anyone heading into a bathroom remodel to indulge in luxury without breaking the budget, or spending the kids college fund - if at all possible.
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Shower plumbing pictures - Have you ever seen so much hardware? We're not talking about your 12yr olds braces here, this stainless steel plumbing gives a very industrial and mechanical look. As a big fan of the industrial look, stainless steel is used throughout this bathroom remodeling project with great satisfaction.
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Bathroom lighting pictures - This is an important one. Bathroom lighting can be old, indifferent, or modern - interesting and even expensive looking. Common cheapo fixtures will not do much to improve your bathroom remodeling prowess. Unfortunately, slick, modern, sheek lighting seems to have to cost between 500 and 1000 dollars. What's up with that, i don't know, but that price range buys you both quality and unique decor - at least in California dollars.
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Bathroom shower tile pictures - The tile before was rather factory plain, simple, and cheap. It protected the wall around the tub and really had nothing to offer the bathroom appeal. The new tile has the best of both worlds - it's very neutral in color, but also very luxurious to look at with detail. A light color grout was used against the light color tiles. A darker tile was used amongst the two inch floor tiles to set a decorative contrast, and a glass tile deco was used at about eye level to give a little 3D something to look at while soaking up some shower warmth - or cool, depending on the seasonal needs.
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Medicine cabinet pictures - The farm house medicine cabinet is replaced with a recessed medicine cabinet - a very clean interface between faux wall mounted mirror and the storage cabinet hidden behind. Even a nice modern medicine cabinet mounted on the wall would be an improvement over the barnyard medicine cabinet in this picture. But a recessed medicine cabinet is tops is slick sheek appeal of a medicine cabinet.
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Bathroom cabinet sink pictures - The old bathroom sink was part of a one-piece molded resin countertop that fit standard production bathroom cabinets. Easy to clean, simple and inexpensive, but luxury it aint! The new Kohler sink is a definate step up, giving the entire bathroom a more refined look rather than starter home look provided by the one piece resin sink and countertop.
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Bathroom floor pictures - The bathroom floor was vinyl that kind of matched the barn or farm house theme but after the bathroom remodel, it's a darkish porceline tile with a dark grout so reisist getting dirty looking. The bathroom floor before and after pictures show how bad you can start, and how well you can finish. Plush, there's a side advantage - the tile and cement board have stopped the floorboards from creeking.
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Bathroom faucet pictures - There are two kinds of bathroom sink faucets available for purchase - the cheap kind, and the good kind. You can get cheap discount bathroom faucets at any HomeDumpo. And HomeDumpo will certainly give you your moneys worth on those. On the other hand, good bathroom faucet plumbing fixtures must be purchased at a friendly plumbing retailer. Many plumbing retailers are very unhelpful. But not all, and we can refer Santa Clara County residence to a propper plumbing fixture retailer upon request.
Anyway, the plumbing fixtures pictured here are NOT the kind that you can find in HomeDumpo. They cost the requisite $500+ at least for quality fixtures. But! this thing is worth every penny.
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Recessed Shampoo Box We only have after pictures of the recessed shampoo box, but its worth taking a look to see how they came out.

Tipping - Ok, there are no pics of this step, but its an important step to consider at the end of your bathroom remodeling project. One of the most important things you will do during these final stages of the project is to decide if you are going to tip your workers, and how much. This can be difficult to do since it means parting with yet more cash if the tip is to be of any help to them at all.

With any luck, you've had good, hardworking, friendly, and attentive workers that deserve a signigicant tip. They probably have far more important needs in their own lives than remodeling their bathrooms, and if you're happy with your guys, then please tip them at the end of the project.
$100 per pserson seems fair, its not too much to break your bank account, and it's significant enough to make a difference if they're in need of some of the basics. Hopfully there's only a couple of main guys that did most of the work or tipping could get really expensive. But you can adjust your tipping strategy as needed.

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