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When you remodel your bathroom with tile, the tile pattern design is like a blank canvas - given a complimentary couple of color shades, and a complete product line of pieces like quarter rounds and bullnose, you get to design your pattern any way you like.

bathroom shower tile

We kept things fairly simple in this bathroom remodeling project. The bathroom floor will be a simple pattern of straight line large tiles with no decorative spots, squares or other patterns - simple clean and elegant. Perhaps understated by some likings.

The bathroom floor tile is a slightly darker shade from what's used in the shower stall - the same large 13 inch size will be used. Given the large size of these tiles, a qualified tile installer is needed to make sure the grout lines will look good and line up nicely with the walls. Otherwise, these large tiles might look miss matched with the smaller ones as they meet up the walls.

The shower stall floor will be done using the lighter colored tile and have a 2 inch liner using the matching darker color tile. Simple enough, this pattern could have been run up the bench seat if it were done with 2 inch tile, but for some reason, everyone seems to think large tiles over the bench seat is best.

Then there's the deco line at about eye level up the wall - a 2 inch clear glass tile with a really elegant texture on the backside that gives terrific dynamic depth, and is sure to look really great. If any of these glass squares are left over, we'll see if they can be incorporated into the shower stall floor for some additional texture.

6 inch tiles will complete the shower stall from the deco line, extending up to the ceiling. These too will be installed in strait lines instead of the more common diagonal pattern. The deco line tile will break up the lines between the 13 inch and the 6 inch tiles. The shower tile pattern will be terminated to the wall with quarter round pieces.

We have no pictures of the tile pattern until the job begins. That's next.
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