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The master bathroom remodeling project is moving right along. The shower stall stall is framed in including the shower drain pan floor, and the bench seat. Now the area is ready for the next step which is application of hot tar - or hot mop tar. This is, by far, one of the most difficult days to live with, so far as dealing with the process, noise, and mess etc.

Getting tar hot mop done is one really smelly process. It's not just the objectionable smell of the tar, but there's a great deal of smoke too. The smoke and smell can fill the entire house. If you have indoor pets, you need to think about the smoke that they will be breathing, because there is definitely enough to make them very uncomfortable at the lease.

If you have a bird in a cage, that's one thing, it can go outside if the weather isn't too bad. Indoor cats can be sent to the cat hotel for the day, but without prior warning of the amount of tar smoke, you find yourself needing to do something and quick.

Our cats hide in a back bedroom during construction, but this tar smoke goes eight through a door like it wasn't there. To keep the air clean in the cats room, I put a box fan in the window blowing air into the room - pressurizing the room so the tar smoke could not enter, so they were safe. Another fan in a different window to blow the smoke out of the house, and wait outside for it to clear. I can't imagine doing that job for a living.

Once the hot mop tar is in place and it's cooled down, the shower pan is filled with water and the drain plugged. This sits overnight and the work guys are done for the day. When they show up in the morning, they'll carefully measure the water height to make sure there's been no water leeks indicated.

The hot tar should seal the shower pan really well, and it's probably required by local building codes. It's just a little trying to be surprised about how much smoke - not just tar smell that fills every room in the house.

Now for some pictures of the hot mopped shoer pan. You can't tell from this picture, but the smoke was thick while the mop was beeing applied. It should be sealed off really well after this.

Picture 1: Hot mop shower pan
Picture 2: Hot mop shower pan 2
Picture 3: Hot mop shower pan 3
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