Greenboard sheetrock installation

Using water resistant greenboard gypsum drywall in the shower

above the critical highest moisture levels

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With the shower stall framed out and the shower pan hot mopped with tar, the remodeling project is moving right along. The next step in the process is for the 2x4 exposed wall framings to be covered with gypsum board - otherwise known as drywall or sheetrock. Sheetrock is a standard material used for covering walls in modern day residential housing construction.

In a shower stall though, moisture is the big issue. Regular old sheetrock is not water resistant, and when it comes to a shower stall, the more water resistant barriers between the water and the wall studs, the better. For the walls in the shower stall, a special kind of drywall is used - it's called greenboard.

While drywall us used for regular walls, greenboard is water resistant and is commonly used in high moisture areas like the shower stall. The hot mop tar was used to protect the highest moisture areas - the shower pan, and the greenboard will be used on walls above this critical, highest moisture line. It's inexpensive, costing only a little more than regular plain old drywall and provides just a little protection from moisture that will eventually seep through all the barrier layers over the years.

Although greenboard is water resistant, it is not water proof, and it's only part of the solution. There will be several layers of different water barriers installed before the shower tile is installed. Although tile adhesive will adhere to Greenboard, it should never be used as a substrate for tile in high moisture areas like a shower stall or bathtub. Even percaline tile and sealed grout will not prevent water intrusion forever - nothing will. A professional contractor will use multiple layers of water barrier to do the best thing possible - delay water intrusion for as long as possible. A properly done shower stall should last 15 to 20 years at least. That's a good thing considering the cost of remodeling a master bathroom.

In todays pictures, we see the greanboard installed on the walls, extending from the ceiling down to the tar mopped shower pan. As mentioned, tile should not be applied directly to greenboard if it's to last more than a few years tops. We'll start seeing these layers being installed over the next few chapters, so keep clicking.

Not terribly exiting, but here's what you can expect your bathroom to look like during the greenboard installation step of your bathroom remodeling project.

Picture 1: Greenboard-shower-walls
Picture 2: Greenboard-sheetrock-install
Picture 3: Original bathroom cabinet
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