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Whenever remodeling a part of your home, color matching parts of the decor are part of the process. This is no less true when it comes to selecting the color of grout you will use for any tile used in your remodel. In fact, when it comes to tile grout, there are even some rules of thumb (or guidelines) to follow to ensure your selection is somewhat standard. Learning about proper grout selection is best done before the time comes.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting your grout colors is the ease of cleaning. Certain colors are more difficult to clean than others. As a general rule of thumb, where ease of cleaning is concerned, try to steer clear of prime colors like red or green - and black too. These colors are well known for being difficult to clean. If you do decide to use them, and have trouble cleaning, then consider using mild acid based cleaners. But beware that acids eat away at the minerals that bond the mortar.

Aside from color/cleaning considerations there are some different types of grout to up for consideration too. If the tile design you are using results in a grout gap of 1/8 inch or less, then your should consider using a sand free (or sandless) grout. Sandless grout lets those narrow tile gaps exist more evenly compared to a narrow gap with unpredictable and. When your tile pattern includes gaps of 1/8 inch or larger, use the standard sand included grout products.

The next thing to consider is the additives that add features to the grout you might like to select. Some grouts include an Acrylic latex additive which, among some other things, will negate the need for sealing the grout against water intrusion. Acrylic latex is available as an aftermarket grout additive, too. Either way, if you use an acrylic grout additive, or a grout that already contains this substance, it presents little in the way of downsides.

One thing to consider when selecting grout for light colored tiles - try to avoid grout colors that are white, or close to white. These light colored shades are also difficult to keep clean for obvious reasons. As an alternative to matching light colored tiles, consider such grout colors as light browns, tans, or shades of gray. In addition to being less difficult to clean, these colors are lass prone to discoloration or yellowing over the lifetime of the tile and grout.

Whatever you do, when selecting tile grout, just keep these couple of simple things in mind. Color can have a big impact of the cleanability of a grout. Select unsanded grouts if tile gaps are 1/8 of an inch or less. And as always, follow the manufacturers instructions in preparation and usage of the tile grout product of your choice.

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