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The shower stall is finally ready for the tile to be installed. Structural modifications were made to the shower stall area, the shower pan and bench seat were built, plumbing rough was installed, hot mop tar, and mortar floated, all in preparation for tile installation. It's time for all the tile design ideas to come into play.

The walls of the shower stall will be tiled in 13 inch porcelain square tiles. The earthy tones of this tile make and model will make it easy to match the other features included in this master bathroom remodeling project. Features like the granite vanity countertop, window sill, and soap dish.

The 13 inch porcelain squares will tile the walls up until about eye level. Then, at eye level the 13 inch tile will be accented with a line of deco tile - a clear, 2 inch, see through glass with a matching texture and color on the backside of the tile.

You've probably seen these things types of deco tile if you've been to the tile where house shops lately. The clear glass gives great depth and 3D look for a real eye feast. If there are any of these squares left over, they can be incorporated into the bathroom floor tile as accent, since the floor tile will also be done in 2 inch tiles of the same type as the 13 inch.

Above this accent tile or deco line, the tile will transition to the same earthy tone color tile, all the way to the ceiling. But this tile will be 6 inch squares instead of the 13 inch tiles. These 6 inch tiles could be done in a diagonal pattern, but straight vertical and horizontal lines will bring a uniformity - perhaps boring to some, but less-is-more elegant to others.

Speaking of the shower floor tile, it will be the same light color as the shower wall tiles, except the 2 inch square tiles will be used. These 2 inch tiles will be the same color as the 6 and 13 inch tiles. Then, one line of matching, but darker 2 inch tile will form a square around the floor, 2 tiles in from the edge - all the way around. This will become clear in the pictures if that left you confused.

No shortage of pictures today - Todays pictures illustrate a progression of shower tile installation progress.

Picture 1: Bathroom tile 1
Picture 2: Bathroom tile 2

Picture 3: Tile deco pre grout 1
Picture 4: Tile deco pre grout 2
Picture 5: Tile deco and shower head
Picture 6: Tile deco closeup 1
Picture 7: Corner deco tile

Picture 8: Shower tile near complete
Picture 9: Shower tile installed
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