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The bathroom floor tile comes from the same family of tile as the bathroom shower stall. The brand name is Eterna - a glazed porcelain tile with a "refined stone look". This family of tile has four shades named Pietra Beige, Sasso Grigio, Roccia Noce, and Lava Rosso. All are very neutral earth tones, the Lava Rosso having a little more red than the others. It costs a little bit more than the discount tile, but the best part is that there's a full line of coordinating trim pieces available.

Nothing is worse than spending hours looking for the right floor tile, only to find out there are no coordinating trim pieces available - bullnose, quarter rounds, molding etc. You've got to wonder - what in the world you are supposed to do with all this tile and no matching finishing pieces, duh! Go figure.

The models used were the Pietra Beige - the light colored one. It was used for the shower stall, and the Roccia Noce is the darker color that's used as the bathroom floor tile. They give a good contrast with each other, and are neutral enough to easily match future decorating plans.

The glass deco is also part of the same tile family. There are three colors available - Glass Beige & Grigio, Glass Noce, and Glass Rosso. We went with the Glass Noce, and it as a good compliment to the light colored Pietra Beige used in the shower.

Another decision to be made was the grout color. We were planning on using a light color on all the tile - both the light Pietra Beige and the Roccia Noce. This is where listening to your tile installer is a good thing because he was honest enough to tell us it wouldn't look good, and that we should instead use a light grout on light tiles - dark grout on the darker tiles.

We followed that advise picked out a darker grout to match the darker bathroom floor tile. The only tricky part now is where the grout color transitions from light to dark in a few areas, and how that gets handled. It's a little awkward in places but overall the bathroom floor tile came out pretty good.

This set of bathroom floor tile pictures illustrates the progress of this step in the bathroom remodeling processes.

Picture 1: Bathroom floor tile before the grout
Picture 2: Bathroom floor tile
Picture 3: Bathroom floor tile closeup
Picture 4: Bathroom floor tile finished
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