Tiling the bathroom shower stall

Some real progress becomes visible

This bathroom / shower remodeling project is taking shape

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This bathroom remodeling project is ready for the tiling phase of the shower stall and the bathroom flooring. The shower framing is done, and the plumbing has been roughed in.

The first step in the tile phase is to prepare the floor and shower stall for ceramic tile application, and in the case of the stall, making sure it's as water proof as possible.

bathroom shower tile

For the floor tile, preparation is simple. The vinyl flooring has been removed and bare subflooring is exposed. The workers use common cement board applied to the subflooring using screws. Since this area is not exposed to constant water, it doesn't need the level of preparation that the shower stall does.

This might start to sound daunting or complicated, but it's not. Do-It-Yourself tile installation is easy when someone shows you how. Instructional videos cost pennies compared to the money you save when you install your tile yourself.

First, the shower pan - bottom half of the stall, i.e. wood framing, will be hot mopped - hot tar is applied as a last resort to water penetration. The walls will be done with greenboard which is similar to drywall. Then, a layer of tar paper will be put down, and chicken wire stapled through that and into the greenboard.

The chicken wire acts as a sub straight for the cement that will be used to 'float' the area. Finally, the entire stall is floated with cement to form a seamless enclosure which will be even more difficult for water to penetrate.

We considered bringing the tile a few feet up the wall, but our contractor id this feature up and it added too much expense for minimal benefit. It wasn't really something were wanted that bad, and thought it might make the bathroom look more like a cave.

If you're considering saving money by doing this work yourself, don't go it alone. Consider some low cost coaching programs. Superb video tutorials are available for minimal cost and instant download. You can save a bundle and avoid mistakes at the same time.

We backed off on that idea and will use only a bullnose ceramic tile will be applied to the walls surrounding the floor. A bullnose tile is a flat piece of tile with the edge rounded off instead of a 90 degree corner.

This will be a very simple tile mosaic design pattern with earth tone colors that are easy to pair with the decor, and a glass deco line. Less is more in this example, and the kiss principle definitely applies.

Some milestone pictures of the shower stall tile process. Well delve into these in more detail in this chapter!

Picture 1: Hot mop shower stall
Picture 2: Green board for shower tile
Picture 3: Chicken wire for floating mortar
Picture 4: Floating the shower stall for tile
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