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This was a big one - the bathroom ventilation fan. There's no point in settling for second rate. Only a top of the line fan would do - it must meet certain criteria. Un compromising criteria of minimum noise and maximum displacement. Price was no object - well within reason, of corse.

It had to be quiet as a whisper. A noisy fan will drive you nuts - especially when you want to leave it running to clear things out. The fan must be quiet enough to hear the TV going, or the wife's angelic voice asking when I'll be done.

The fan also must have maximum air displacement to clear the room out as quickly as possible. This will keep the mirror from fogging up from a hot shower, and put and end the the ridiculous theatrics of nose and breath holding by others after normal usage.

If your decorating preference is for an elegant, modern, contemporary or deco design, then you're going to have a tough time finding a unit to match. Fortunately, they are mounted over head and out of view. Artistic design aside, quiet sound and high volume units are available.

Then there's the law. Local ordinances dictate a few requirements too - some of which affect your purchase. Only ventilation fans fixtures with fluorescent lighting can be installed anymore in this locality. Something causing consternation at first, but it turns out to be a desirable feature.

Other code ordinances dictate what kinds of switches you use, where they are located and where you can vent the fan. If it weren't for the realization that it's for your own good, it'd be enough to drive you batty. But more on that later.

The bathroom remodeling contractor had the job of selecting the ventilation fan according to the criteria. He had no problem. It turns out that the good folks at Panasonic make bathroom ventilation fans that fit the bill. And the features required by local ordinances turn out to be desirable.

The venting of the fan was run from the bathroom up to a gable opening in the attic. This is temporary for a few years until getting a new roof installed, at which time it will probably be re routed to a roof vent. This was the only place it could be vented due to local ordinances governing practically everything.

The switch for the CFL light is required to be closet to the door so that you reach for it before your reach the switch for other, more energy consuming fixtures.

The Panasonic bathroom ventilation fan turned out to be the real deal. It's about as quiet a ventilation fan as you've heard and it clears the bathroom out in minutes. All in all, it meets the stringent criteria required of picky homeowners and local ordinances.

Here's the bathroom fan / light in action. Nothing special, nothing fantastic looking, but it works great!

Picture 1: Bathroom fan picture
Picture 2: Bathroom fan close up
Picture 3: Bathroom fan illuminated
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