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This bathroom desperately needed a venting fan so it was important to clearly state this when meeting with our remodeling contractor. But our local municipality was one step ahead of us - apparently, local construction codes require that any new bathroom remodeling project include a ventilation fan, plus a florescent light - a combo. That's fine by me - We'll have a passive fluorescent light / fan combination in the ceiling of the bathroom, and a main lighting fixture above the recessed medicine cabinet which is both decorative, and high light output.

The venting for the fan raises some questions since there's no hole in the roof to vent the bathroom fan outside. And adding a hole to the roof is never good idea unless you're also replacing the roof tiles and and all that. It will be interesting to find out how they deal with this little issue without simply blowing the air into the attic / crawl space.

Next, the lighting fixture which will be installed above the mirror medicine cabinet and vanity is a little eclectic looking. It was found in a lighting store in the Los Altos village. This store is notable because modern, eclectic and contemporary design fixtures are it's specialty. During multiple visits, you could look at the same section of wall over and over again, and still find different lights that you hadn't noticed before that you like even better.

Visiting this lamp store, you could make up your mind on one particular light for your bathroom - the longer you stand around, waiting to purchase, looking around and tapping your foot, the greater the odds that you'll change your mind - you'll find something new in the same location you've already looked at 10 times, and decide you like it even more than your present choice of lights.

That's what happened to us. Having agreed upon brushed nickel finish light fixture, we waited only long enough to talk to the help before making the purchase until I spotted something else - the light in today's pictures. It wasn't cheap, but good lighting never is found in a discount store, and at least it wasn't made in China, so there's no worries about lead, short circuits, fires, or electrocution.

This setup means your have two light fixtures and a fan. More lighting than originally planned on, but as it turns out, the florescent light gets used the most. The high power, non-florescent, decorative light is used mostly while shaving, wrinkle inspection, or gray hair denial. Having accepted local codes that require all this though, it turns out there's more to come - there are even more local codes that let the city dictate how you live - or so they think anyway...

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After reading all about the crazy lighting fixtures for the bathroom here, finally are some pictures illustrating exactly what we're talking about.

Picture 1: Bathroom lighting 1
Picture 2: Bathroom lighting 2
Picture 3: Fan / light closeup
Picture 4: Main lighting fixture 1
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