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Here's your bathroom - in need of a major remodeling job. It's too small, so some floor plan layout changes night be needed. And the mold / mildew smell is too obvious, but you can't quite figure out exactly where it's coming from. It's just old, outdated, and some water damage has started.

This is the situation my wife and I found ourselves in. We needed to redo our bathroom, and wanted to upgrade it from basic necessities to something a little more luxurious

We had a plan to get three quotes for the job. We had a good idea of how much we would need to spend - or more accurately, what a bathroom remodel costs, even at a minimum. The bidding process would serve also to find which contractor we communicate with best, and suites our style of doing things.

The phrase - 'Suites your style of doing things' can mean anything. If you've already done some homework, you know certain things. After meeting with your first contractor, you will most certainly know 'things'. For example, if one contractor or another says that floor tile must be floated on a bed of mortar, and another tells you that plain old cement board will do, you have a problem, and will need to question your way to the truth on the matter.

Then there's the local government permit process / inspection / approval process. that you get to pay for. Not only do you pay your contractor to wait around for the local official to show up and do his inspection, but you have to pay the inspector too.

Personally, I find the idea of having a local city government butt it's nose into my remodeling project business just a bit infuriating. It's none of their business, but since this site is friendly for all ages, I'll with hold my true feelings on the subject.

The point here is that many contractor will do your work without a permit, avoiding all of the intrusive inspections and fees by a city drone. I, for one, prefer a contractor that will do this. Just so long is the work in strict conformity with local safety codes, all obligations are complete in my book. And you can always hire your own inspector to confirm safety codes - this is more an issue of compliance for insurance reasons that city coffers.

Shopping for your plumbing fixtures, tiles, etc before the bidding process completes is handy too. It helps to be able to tell the contractor that you will be taking care of these items. And it makes your needs more focused.

One point worth mentioning here, it's always best to purchase things like plumbing and tiles yourself rather than letting the contractor do it. It may be convenient to let the contractor do it, but we've all heard stories of contractors who finish, accept full payment, and never pay the tile or plumbing shop for the parts. Guess who those shops come after for payment - You!. They can, and will put a lean on your home. You wind up paying twice for the same products. Do the purchasing yourself, or demand receipts from contractors before final payment is made. This goes for any work you have done - get those receipts, or at least ask about it, some proof that the supplier has been paid, and don't accept "I've been in business for 3000 years, how dare you" intimidation.

After having our kitchen remodeled we figured we were real pros at this. Our kitchen remodeler provided a full service refacing solution, so we didn't have to shop for every single item, which can be a nightmare. The bathroom remodel was a different story. We needed to shop for everything - bathroom cabinet, shower door, tiles, plumbing, everything. So you try the local kitchen and bath showroom warehouses - ugh!

Those kitchen and bathroom showrooms are terrible. Over crowded with other customers, and never someone available to help. Any customer lucky enough to be getting some attention takes for ever with a billion questions - the employee has a million things to show the customer, and everything thing to discuss. If you have the time and patients to wait your turn, the employee sizes you up, recons you have you're not worth her time, for whatever reason, and dispenses with you as quickly as possible.

Here again, the solution is to find a locally owned, sole proprietor plumbing supply shop. You'll talk to the shop owner who's done his time as a plumber for dozens of years and converted his expertise from practicing plumber to shop proprietor. You might even pay a little more, but how would you know - you can't get a moments help from the chick running the local corporate plumbing supply chain. If you're looking to save every penny at the expense of time and aggravation, then head for the corporate plumbing supply chains.

Here's just a few of the before pictures in the remodeling process. The first one gives the floorplan layout so you know what you're looking at. Time to party in my bathroom!

Picture 1: Bathroom floor plan layout
Picture 2: Old bathroom lighting
Picture 3: Original bathroom cabinet
Picture 4: Medicine cabinet
Picture 5: Shower stall
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