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Feb. 10, Day Seven

The plumber came today and completed everything. Installed the sink disposal, plumbed the sink, the faucet, and dishwasher. They installed the new oven, and changed the outlets to ground fault interrupters. Here's todays set of kitchen appliance pictures.


Kitchen pictures:

Picture 1    Picture 2    Picture 3   
Picture 4    Picture 5    Picture 6   
Picture 7    Top


All and all it's been a very positive experience. I can't express how happy we are the this kitchen remodeling project after hearing so many horror stories from others.

The work was well done, instead of the usual 'hurry up so we can get to the bar' type of work you usually see out of contractors. I have zero tolorance for that kind of contractor, and it was a nice change - not having to bring down the hammer.


I highly recommend this company. If you are located in northern California and would like to have the same kind of experience I did, then please email me and I will give you the contact information.


A summary of what was done as follows:

  • Structural prep of cabinets.
  • New doors for the cabinets.
  • Cabinets stripped and refaced.
  • Knickknack shelf.
  • All new drawer tubs.
  • Granite counter top and matching granite backsplash.
  • New sink, faucet and fixtures installed and plumbed.
  • New power outlets.
  • Each new kitchen appliance installed.

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